Thursday 19 April 2012

Ok. I'm seriously pissed off. 4 or 5 Exorcisms a day? In Australia?

You have got to be joking...
But no. 
Read an article in our local rag yesterday about at least one raving loony carrying out exorcisms on the Gold Coast. Thought about storming upstairs and blog a rant right away. Then calmed down and thought "Uh oh. Religious nutters will make a fuss, want me arrested, or beaten up, or claim I'm possessed, or something..." Then I thought, "Wait. What? How do they have the right to free (if totally insane) speech but I don't?" So screw 'em. 

Anyway... Apparently an arch deacon (no less) from Brisbane has been carrying out these bizarre and ludicrous practices to treat possession of demons masquerading as depression and schizophrenia on children as young as 2 years. 

2 years of age? Depression? 2 years old? For f**s sake. This is the 21st century not the 12th.

This complete nutter claims it is "proven" that demonic phenomena mimic epilepsy and that epileptic fits are "authentically demonic in origin."

Wait. What? Proven? PROVEN? For f**s sake. By who? Spaghetti monster? Cthulhu? What? Did some demon pop out of a 2 year old, hand over it's Franklin Mint document of Authenticity (one of a limited edition of only 2,000) saying that, "Yes. I'm really a demon," and then pop back in?

Oh yeah. That's rrrrright... Forgot. My mistake. Invisible friend in the sky. Untouchable by law and science. 

So I guess he might be forgiven (but not by me) for saying this:

'the Gold Coast [can be compared] to Sodom and Gomorrah and say[s] the city "should be pounded with fire and brimstone".'

WT-Flying-F? Worse are the comments below that article. Some people actually agree. I despair. I truly despair. Get me off this rock NASA... Or SpaceX... or any other damn space company please. Mars colony looking good at this stage... Nah. Too close. Fomalhaut via Weyland-Yutani corp maybe.

There are just so much low hanging fruit not to have something to say about this. Like that there "are 4 or 5 exorcisms a day on the Gold Coast." What? So right now while you're reading this, some loony in a robe is shouting "Out! By the power of Christ I command thee!" to a young child... Does that sound like, nice, to you? Why isn't this a federal offence for G... Oh... For WOTAN's sake?

And further they can't even get their terminology right. The word "demon" comes from the latin meaning "spirit" or "divine power." Exactly the same root as "genius." Yes you. You the genius... You're a demon! Be cast out! Kinda explains the church in some ways... No geniuses there.

But I digress...

And wait... Are they Mesopotamian, Arabic, Jewish, Judaic, Islamic, Hindu or Christian demons? What about Lilith? Who's she currently inhabiting? Might be nice to meet. And don't forget that Peter Binsfeld created a "classification" of demons in 1859 which is basically the "7 deadly sins." So did Francesco Maria Guazzo in 1608 which was weird but interesting. And don't forget that several of these so-called demons where angels. Yes. Angels. What a pile of steaming sh... 

I could go on... So tempting...

Anyway, I'm beside myself with fury at the fact that these total frickin' nutters dressing up in robes and seriously harming young children's mental health is not a criminal offence in the 21st century. But it's the church and I'm supposing they have immunity from "righteous indignation" because they have a monopoly on it.

Here's the link:
Not to be out-done (a little old):

Apparently "Being possessed by a demon is terrifying in one's mental and emotional life" the loony says. No sh*t. So is being surrounded by total nut jobs.

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