Saturday 14 April 2012

Movie Review: "Ra One" (2011)

This is actually a very good movie. Bit slow at the start. After the first 10mins B and I turned to each other, raised eyebrows and both said "Wanna keep watching?"

Glad we did.

It's an Indian sci-fi about a pair of indestructible game characters that enter the "real" world and spread mayhem. Acting solid, storyline frenetic and without dead patches. Loads of humor. Wire work is just fantastic. Mandatory song and dance routines of course, but I actually like them and danced along with one! Filmed in London and Mumbai.

Apparently Boris Johnson had something to do with the London filming... Gotta love that guy. Made politics fun even if it wasn't laughable to begin with.

Watch it through! Yes. Even the credits. Because they have the gag reel and behind the scenes footage. Loved the bit when a boom camera gets smashed to bits by a passing train.

BTW, you'll have to ensure your sub-titles are on because the characters switch between Tamil and English words on a word to word basis.

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