Tuesday 24 April 2012

Results of super-nova 2012 on the Gold Coast

Well we went. Not as big as the pop-culture or Salute events in the UK, but waaaay cool. Loads of tat and loads of coool. Tons of cos-play people which I won't post about as it has been covered elsewhere (See here for google pictures).

Managed to pick up "The Cthulu* Mythos Colouring Book" (*Their spelling) and "My First Necronomicom" which has tons of "Mr Men" style pictures of elder gods. Still want a plushy Cthulhu of course.

Apart from the "Hell-o-Kitty" T-Shirt I got, my best buys where, surprisingly, magazines. Stumbled on this really nice magazine "Solitude" which is like New Idea or Womens Weekly, but for Goths.

The article headings just beg you to read...

"Steampunk - It's not all Goggles and Gears"
"Latex - The inside story"
"Understanding Sanguine Vampires"
"Dressing Corporate Goth"
"Disappoint the Family for Christmas"

Cool. Here's an example of "Corporate Goth": http://www.vnvboutique.com/#ecwid:category=765947&mode=product&product=3251477
Not sure I could get away with that at work...

But it's the Ads that got me. I just have to have some of the stuff from places like:


I also picked up a free catalogue from popcultcha.com.au. I know it's a standee, but I sooooo want this outfit: Amy Pond. Might have to make it up from House of Target and various online outlets...

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