Tuesday 3 April 2012

My love of board gaming rekindled... (By B)

I have always loved board games and was lucky enough to find a geek godess who also a shameful history of board game abuse...

So it's no wonder that I hate Wil Wheaton.

Why is that? (you say) What could he have done to incur your wrath?

He is reminding me of everything I am missing since I stopped playing the bloody things.

I work long hours and have settled into the nice comfortable habit of getting home eating in silence and then watching tv for several hours before falling into a fitful sleep and beginning the process all over again.

But now "Wil" has started a new video series called TableTop reminding me of how much I love to play games and that actually talking to and engaging with my wife is one of the greatest pleasures in my life... the bastard.

But I refuse to be alone in my miserable, tortured joy and contentment!

I insist that you all suffer as I have suffered and watch the video that may just remind of how you used to enjoy yourself before you discovered mind numbing television and alcohol.

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